Boost Your Career with Google’s Mobile Web Specialist Certification

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Web development is a huge market with millions of developers around the world. If you are one of them, you likely want to set yourself apart from the crowd and show that you have excellent skills to create responsive web applications? Google’s Mobile Web Specialist Certification is the right choice for you.

Google has announced the Mobile Web Specialist Certification today. Though the name says “Mobile Web”, the skills demonstrated in this exam can be used for desktop and across all browsers.

Google has created a Mobile Web Specialist Study Guide to help you in preparing for the certification. The exam consists a set of coding challenges and an exit interview. The cost for the certification is $99 (Rs.6500). The best part is you will have three exam attempts.

Exam Content:

  • Basic Website Layout and Styling
  • Front End Networking
  • Accessibility
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Performance Optimization and Caching
  • Testing and Debugging
  • ES2015 Concepts and Syntax
  • Mobile Web Forms

Source: Google Developers Blog