Microsoft Edge Browser is now available for iOS and Android

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Are you a Windows fan; love to use Edge browser and you face difficulties with the browsers on your iPhone or Android mobiles? Good news for you, Microsoft announced Edge browser for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Now, you can have the same browser experience in mobile phone also.

Microsoft Edge for iOS is available from today in a preview. You can test the preview via Apple TestFlight. Currently, it is available only in US-English, other languages will be available soon. Android users need to wait for few more days to get the preview of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has also announced the preview of Microsoft Launcher for Android. Unlike iPhone, Android phones allow you to customization of the launcher. Microsoft Launcher gives you the Windows 10 experience on your Android phone.

Microsoft Launcher is based on “Arrow Launcher” project that was developed at Microsoft. Users who are using Arrow Launcher will automatically get the Microsoft Launcher and other users can join the preview from today.

Source: Windows Blog